what is our atelierista?

An Atelierista is a teacher that traces a child’s discoveries through artwork, and working together they document and reflect on what is learnt.

Loris Malaguzzi. Since the late '60s in the municipal preschools of Reggio Emilia, each school has a space called the atelier and the figure of the atelierista, a “teacher” with an arts background. In this way, the expressive and poetic languages became part of the process by which knowledge is built.

children learn best when learning is self-directed, when they have supportive, collaborative adults and a stimulating environment with natural rich resources and access to wide open spaces.

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our projects

Projects develop through close observation of children’s interests and based on their responses, our professionals introduce materials, questions, and opportunities that provoke children to further explore the topic. While some of these teacher provocations are anticipated, projects often move in unanticipated directions as a result of problems children identify. children are given opportunities to make connections between prior and new knowledge while engaging in authentic tasks.


2017 - a fascination began with the question 'do star fish have bones'? We compared all types of marine life, had a trip to the Sea life Centre and purchased a pet Gold fish for the classroom. They used watercolours to create a still life representation from a real fish before dissecting it and cooking it.

dinosaurs, bones & eggs

Following on from the fish dissection bones became a curiosity. We compared the skeleton of animals and humans, sparking the question 'what starts life in an egg?'. We had chick eggs in an incubator, had a trip to the local library and participated in dinosaur related excavation and palaeontology activities. We used salt dough to re-create our own fossils before bone-by-bone creating our very own dinosaur sculpture using clay, wire, Papier-mâché and cardboard.

royal wedding

Royal Wedding fever took hold and the children designed their own wedding dresses. We made bunting, had a real wedding of our own, made a cake, and even turned the dress designs into a reality, choosing materials and sewing together a dress for our life size mannequin.