fun in the forest school

The opportunities given to children at forest school are in our opinion, priceless.  The children have the space and time to work at their own speed, without the pressure of confined spaces and timetables.  It is this lack of pressure which allows many children, particularly those who struggle in more mainstream surroundings, to really find their confidence and helps them make better understanding of their world.

further info about forest school

In recent years it has become more understood  that human’s need a connection to nature in order to stay mentally balanced.  Nature creates an opportunity to escape the stresses of our daily lives and relax in peace and quiet.  Children in our forest school experience nature first hand, they witness the changing of the seasons and get caught up in the wonder those changes bring about. Nature provides every learning opportunity our curriculum requires.  Children harness the power of nature and use it to help them understand science, numeracy, literacy, working as part of a team, problem solving and so much more.